LickiMat Casper Cat Food Bowl

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An entertaining slow feeder for your cat

The LickiMat Casper Slow Feeder Cat Bowl is an entertaining and whisker-friendly feeding experience for your feline, best suited for raw food and small treats.

This slow-feeding mat was created by vets and is a great way to give your cat a fun and tasty way to eat. It’s designed to challenge and reward your cat every time they use it so that they can get some food or treats every time. It’s a great way to help your cat stay healthy and happy and a perfect pairing for you to announce to your cat, “It’s BARF Time!”

Get yours now! Durable, long-lasting, toxic-free and easy to clean.

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If you want your cat to stay happy, healthy, and engaged, keep them active with the LickiMat Casper Slow Feeder. They can start doing naughty things around the house if they’re bored or aren’t rewarded for activities that take up too much of their time. That’s where a licking mat comes in! It’s the perfect way to get your cat involved in activities that both occupy and reward.

This cat food bowl makes eating more of an interactive experience, not just a meal. It’s got a great texture, so it’s great for using for food, treats and paste – wet, raw and dry. Spread out their favourite morsels and then let them scoop their BARF food or treats until the mat is nice and clean.

This textured surface makes it harder for your cat to lick, which helps them eat slower and more happily. It’s the perfect way to stop your cat from slurping its food in a flash – perfect for cats prone to throwing up, gagging, or vomiting from eating too quickly. Eating slower will help their digestion, so it’s a win-win! Plus, you can use a smaller amount of food, which means fewer calories and more time for your cat to eat.


Primary Benefits

Why you should invest in a LickiMat Casper Slow Feeder for your Cat.

  • The textured surface makes licking a challenge, which slows eating and prolongs the enjoyment
  • The licking action generates the production of saliva that can help maintain good oral health
  • The textured rubber surface assists in scraping food particles and bacteria off your pet’s tongue to promote fresher breath
  • Great to use as a distraction during challenging experiences or as a reward system during pet training
  • If this mat is used correctly, it is strong and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe



Made from BPA-free, non-toxic food grade TPR (thermoplastic rubber) – this product contains no silicone, is flexible, easy to clean (soak and hand wash in warm, soapy water) & is freezer safe



The LickiMat Casper Slow Feeder for cats is 22cm x 16.3cm x 0.7cm thick


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