Chicken Tenders


All-natural, additive-free Chicken Tenders for healthy pets

This is a fantastic Australian chicken breast product without a glycerine preservative/additive/sweetener. Our quality chicken breast tenders are high in vitamins and nutrients with no added sugar or colours. It is the perfect treat for rewarding your furry friend.

They are rich in protein and low in fat and will help keep your dog strong. The chicken breast fillet treats are thinly pressed and easy to break up – making them an ideal reward for dogs of all sizes.

Plus, cats love them too!

Additional Information


These are some of the only chicken tenders on the market specially made by Clear Dog, which contains no preservatives (many do not list it or realise it has it in!). Therefore, these fillets are harder and dryer slices of whole breast tenders. This is all-natural. It is not marinated in a glycerine gel solution before dehydrating to keep a higher water content.

You get a lot of chicken for your dollar with our product. This product does not contain a water-based glycerine gel. Glycerine, when used, gives chicken products a juicer and softer appearance with a much higher water content, as it also acts as a mould inhibitor. It is, however, a preservative, and we choose not to stock products that use this for our pets.

This is one reason other Australian and imported chicken treats can be cheaper – the more glycerine they put in, the higher the water content can be, so the heavier it is and the more money they make as you buy a water/glycerine solution instead of chicken breast.

Please note this product can be smelly, as we do not hide any smells with preservatives or additives (glycerine is sweet smelling and often covers chicken jerky smells); this is simply the natural product dehydrated.
Whilst it can have a powerful smell, dogs love it!



Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Chicken Breast Tenderloins.

This product is glycerine free & is a single-ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours or sugars.


Dietary Breakdown

Clear Dog Chicken Tenders have the following breakdown

  • Crude Fat            11.5g/100g
  • Protein                 13.7g/100g
  • Crude Fibre           0.1g/100g


Packaging Information

This is a natural product, so sizes, weights & thicknesses can vary.

We offer two convenient resealable stand-up pouch options (100g & 400g) for Barf Time customers.


Product Shelf Life

Use Chicken Tenders within 12 months from the package date and store them in a cool, dry place, not in direct sunlight.


Delivery Information

Please take the time to read our delivery & subscriptions page for details. You can also check delivery coverage to your postcode on this page. For subscriptions, if you want to change, pause or update your subscription, we ask that you perform this one week before your next delivery date. We will shorten this timeframe as our business grows to improve your experience.

You don’t need to be home to receive your delivery. You can leave any special delivery instructions on the payment page. 

We deliver your products in insulated packaging, keeping them cool (dependent on outside temperature) for an indicative 2-4 hours.

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