BARF vs Kibble & Cooked Food

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With all the choices out there, as pet owners, it’s our job to understand the pros and cons of each option. Each food has its advantages and disadvantages, and while the best choice for a pet will depend on their needs and preferences, the best option based on their biological needs to survive and thrive is unquestionably a raw BARF diet.

Raw Feeding Guide by Barf Time

BARF Raw Food Feeding Guide by BARF Time

Welcome to our Raw Feeding Guide for Dogs & Cats by BARF Time. Learn the ins & outs of a BARF raw diet, along with some hints & tips.

8 Best Benefits of BARF Diets

Best 8 Benefits of BARF Diets for Dogs & Cats by BARF Time

Naturally, our pets were never meant to eat processed or cooked foods; however, most pet food today is offered in a dry kibble form that is made this way. Through clever marketing, most consumers believe this is the best way to feed their pets. But at BARF Time, we believe this harms your pet more than good. Feed them the very best. Here are 8 key benefits why you should.

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